Monday, June 16, 2008

Electric Car: 0 to 60- 3.9 Seconds

If I asked if you would consider buying an electric car that looks cool and goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and can travel 220 miles per charge would you bite? Certainly the idea of paying about 2 cents a mile might sound pretty good when gas may easily be 5 dollars a gallon very soon. One of the few issues you may have is the sticker price : $109,000 for the base model. The car in question: The Tesla.

Here is a video on the Green Sports Car.


Anonymous said...

It's name is Tesla, not Telsa, and its per mile operating xosts are far grater than the claimed 2 cents per mile for electricity.
The battery pack costs around $25,000 and lasts about 5 years,
making the per mile costs of close to 50 cents, or about the same as
$11 per gallon gasoline. The car costs $100,000 and has a driving radius as small as 90 miles.Still want to buy one? Still think you would be saving anything if you did?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

A company that lies!!!! Shocking!

Anonymous said...

fast car!