Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Woodmere Long Island & PM Olmert Collide: Will He Resign?

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is in deep water to say with the least. With next week's peace meeting with President George Bush an inquiry into bribery is the last thing he needs. At the focal point of this scandal is a Long Island businessman:Morris Talansky who runs an investment firm out of his home in Woodmere Long Island and is set to testify to Israel's state prosecutor's office. The bribe in question took place in 1999 during the period when Olmert was Mayor of Jerusalem. The Israeli courts have issued a gag order of the investigation from the press which would imply this is a very serious situation indeed. The gag order is set to be partially lifted tomorrow since foreign press has many details already. Will it bring down the PM? Stay tuned....

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