Wednesday, May 21, 2008

President Obama? He's On His Way.....

As expected Obama beat Clinton in Oregon and Clinton won Kentucky by a landslide victory. Not surprisingly, Hillary is looking to get Florida's votes counted to give her a shot at the white house.Clinton is still hedging her bets on the superdelegates to give her the push she so desperately needs. Hillary was using a page from sales 101 in Kentucky: Assume the sale. Talking as if she was certainly going to win yesterday, she exclaimed "as goes Kentucky, so goes the nation." Maybe she should try out a different slogan, "as goes the superdelegates, so goes the nominee"? That might be a bit more accurate don't you think? I wonder if Hillary will continue running even after Obama wins the nomination.

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Anonymous said...

she will get the nomination
but even if she doesnt at the convention in august it doesnt stop her from running for president just not for the dem mnomination. it has happened before in our nations history and can happen again