Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olmert is He In Or Out?

Although there are those that think Israel is getting ready for Olmert to find the door, his own party seems to be in sync with him. Olmert is quoted as saying that he would resign if indicted and has claimed that he puts his trust in the ongoing police investigation. The PM is insisting that there are no bribes involved here, only campaign contributions.Trying to put this investigation to the sidelines while pursuing his daily activities, Olmert is promising to bring an end to rocket attacks (good luck Olmert). Meanwhile one of the points that prseident Bush is to discuss with the PM is that of a new Radar System:The US may offer Israel a powerful radar system that would greatly strengthen Israeli defenses against ballistic missiles while incorporating it directly into a growing US missile shield. Let's hope Israel gets that help from the US.

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