Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Presents...Cell Phones?

Ok so I was thinking of buying my wife a present just because but hey if it happens to coincide with Mother's Day that works, right? For many they use the die hard old adage "every day is Mother's Day". I had been looking into getting a new cell phone since her old one broke and she was back to using it's predecessor. A word of advice: don't throw out your old phones so fast, they come in real handy should your current one breakdown. I had been checking out many of the cell phones on Cnet but none of the reviews caught my eye. I was looking for a phone that got an excellent rating by both users and experts alike and it should work well for texter types (she loves texting). I finally found that phone the LG ENV 2 from verizon wireless. Needless to say even her bosses are envious of this phone that sports a qwerty keyboard and nice large buttons on the outside. My wife has nothing but great things to say about it. Simply flip open the phone and the speakerphone automatically comes on at a fairly loud volume. The unit feels solid in your hand and not like some flimsy piece of plastic. Bottom Line: Great Phone.

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