Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let The Showdown Begin: Obama & Clinton

Senator Clinton is still fighting over ever increasing odds against Obama's campaign. Mathematically it is almost impossible for her to win: Obama only needs 29 % to Hillary's 76% of the remaining delegate votes. If Obama wins as expected in the Oregon primary today, you can expect him to declare victory. Even as Obama steps that much closer to being the Democratic nominee for President, Clinton supporters are saying "Not so Fast"! Should Clinton win in the Kentucky primaries she would have won the 4 out of the 6 last primaries. All this means nothing as well as the popular vote, which may be in Clinton's favor. The Clinton's continue to rant about the votes that are not being counted which seem to be falling on deaf ears.It's interesting to note how the affluence of the voters as opposed to race, is playing out in the Democratic election. Although Kentucky has a higher percentage of black voters than Oregon, Hillary is expected to win Kentucky and Obama Oregon. Clinton has always done better with blue-collar voters and Obama's hot spots are the more affluent and college educated Democrats. I wonder if they'll try to sue for those votes to count, although I doubt there will be much of a point.

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Anonymous said...

the DNC will have to come to some kind of compromise. you cant discount millions of voters in two whole states.