Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kosher Restaurant Review: Wolf & Lamb

After visiting the Emerging Jewish Communities event I walked over to Wolf & Lamb. It has been a long time since I had last eaten there and I was told their food had improved. Coming in on a Sunday afternoon at about 3 pm there was plenty of seating available. The seating plan was spacious and even if it had been full, it would not have felt too confining. The waiter was very polite and and the service at this time of the day was certainly quick. They serve you water which was quite good and garlic bread which I also enjoyed. The washing area was very nice and accented with a mirror and there was wrapped bread in foil to east after you wash.Our starters were onion rings and breaded chicken fingers and the portions were generous. The onion rings and fingers used the same breading which was a light bread crumb and the fingers came with a fantastic garlic dipping sauce. I thought the chicken was a bit tough but the taste was good. The steaks we ordered were the Jack Daniels and Filet Mignon (which most likely is a rib eye of sorts) with marinated portobello mushroom. My Jack Daniel stack was quite good. My wife had ordered hers medium rare but got a medium-well done steak. They graciously agreed at thier error and brought another steak although this one was more rare than what one might expect when they say medium-rare. That said I'm not sure Wolf and Lamb quite measures up to Abigael's and they didn't have a separate dessert menu but the waiter gave us some options. When he said they had mousse we ordered it only to find out it was a cake not actual mousse. Had we had a menu describing it that mistake would not have been made. Needless to say we sent it back and just stuck with cappuccinos instead. Rating: B

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