Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Shook Comes To Far Rockaway

That's right! The shook has made it's way into the 5 towns. As the picture here shows, a new fruit and vegetable market aka Unita's Shook is opening up on West Broadway in Far Rockaway. It looks to be quite large and will most likely compete with another Fruit store only about 4 blocks away on Central Ave and Rockaway Turnpike as well as Brach's to some extent. There is also word that the Boston Market on Union Turpike will be converted into a new Kosher Supermarket.

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Simi said...

I was at the shook today, I didn't think it was so great, just a standard fruit/veggie store--the one advantage they have is the parking lot in the back. If anyone out there is like me, I like to go to one store and do all my shopping (i.e. Brachs) rather than go to 5 different stores.