Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Recession: Here it Comes!

Although the housing market has taken a bath, I have still been optimistic that things are not that bad. Goldman Sachs however has announced that it sees a recession coming for 2008 as does Meryl Lynch. This makes me a bit worried about what the future has in store for the upcoming year. As oil prices reach record levels ( hit $100 mark) gas prices will certainly rise to $4 in the not so distant future. Couple that with rising costs of grocery necessities like milk, cheese and eggs and you have to consider tightening the belt. One market that is doing well: Security companies. If you fear a layoff make sure to network as much as possible and reevaluate your investment portfolio. The Fed is not so certain that a recession is here just yet.


Anonymous said...

thank you mr bush

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Anon, If you think the president really has much influence over the economy you may want to look at this.