Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jewish Music Review: HASC #20

Hasc #20 sports some of the biggest names in the Jewish Music business. It all starts with the overture and moves to shalsheles junior. They sing several songs together but my favorite is modeh ani.It's the first time I had ever listened to them and they sounded pretty tight together. We then move on to songwriter Boruch Levine who reminds a bit of Yisroel Williger. He sings a beautiful ballad melody: V'zakeini. Dedi is then introduced with Zochreini Na. He goes on to sing Yimloch and Neshoma. I personally would have liked to heard some of Dedi's older material but I digress. We then hear from Dovid Gabay singing his title song, "Legabay". He sounded very energetic and his voice sounded a lot edgier than his original recording and I really enjoyed this version. I think they should have featured more material from him but I'm not calling the shots here. Another one song is performed by Lipa: The "diet" song, which is now my daughter's favorite. Ohad brings some dazzling performances with his opener "sholom alaichem" and he really utilizes the choir well. Ohad also runs through some previews of songs he performed overseas which sounded extraordinary. I would have liked to have heard them in their entirety. We then continue on to Avraham Fried and Helfgot who perform well together with the classic "Tanya" as well as other songs. Avraham Fried ends off with the classic: Forever One which featured a fantastic arrangement. The album certainly covers a wide range of vocal talent and sounds. My only issue was with the mix. There were some songs were the guitar was non existent. I think perhaps it may not have been mixed 24 track but rather straight off the board. Regardless it's makes a fantastic edition to any Jewish Music collection.


Anonymous said...

My favorite song was "forever one"! :)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I forgot to mention it