Monday, January 21, 2008

Dovid Stein: Eli Gerstner

Dovid Stein's album, Muvtach Lo was set to come out last month(and it's not in stores...surprise!). I'm not sure if this Eli Gerstner production will be out this month but his website is coming along (although the song previews aren't up as of yet). This will be Eli's first attempt at promoting a solo artist other than himself. Should Dovid's album be successful, it will add a major element into Gerstner's Jewish Music Empire ( or JME). His lineup will consist of Dovid Stein, Yeshiva Boys Choir, Tek-Noy, Menucha and the Chevra (and don't forget Eli himself).


huh? said...

1) Tek-Noy IS Eli Gerstner.

2) This CD was supposed to be out two months ago. (11/29/07)

3) Eli Gerstner also brought us the Benny K'Ton CD

4) He sounds so silly singing "Lazers Niggun" which is a direct rip off of Niggun Neshama on YBC LIVE II

anon said...

you need to reverse the ie in stein in your link.

Anonymous said...

didnt eli also make the artist formerly known as Benny Kton (rumor has it he has a had a few names...but eli produced and promoted that cd)

Jewish Blogmeister said...


It seems you are right. Benny Kton was the first solo artist produced by EG. It didn't really get much PR though which makes me wonder how much EG wanted it to be successful. He definitely wasn't taking out bus ads or was he?

Anonymous said...

I've heard Dovid live, and he's an awesome singer. "Lazer's Niggun" was composed for Dovid to sing. If it sounds like Niggun Neshama, it has nothing to do with him as a singer.

Anonymous said...

Personally,... i was excited for this CD because I enjoyed Dovid's singing at a recent wedding... but his voice sound whiny and a bit annoying on the album. Also, the classis EG robotic effects are used WAY too much on this album. I'm disappointed.