Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cold and Flu Remedies: Neti Pot and More

As the winter starts to get into full swing, more and more of us will start coming down with the usual suspects: Cold and flu. The question then becomes what to do about the various symptoms and how to prevent the likelihood of catching them. I always thought that the best offense is a good defense. One good start might be to wash your hands well throughout the day. The actual suggested time by experts is about 20 seconds which most people don't bother with. You could purchase hand sanitizer there are some that even claim to kill germs for up to 3 hrs. Drinking plenty of fluids and exercise and eating right are just some of the things that can be quite helpful in warding off those nasty sicknesses. What do you do if it's too late? You already have a cold or flu? Lets talk symptoms: Sinus issues, stuffy or runny noses etc.. You could try an old remedy the Neti Pot. It may sound kind of gross but supposedly effective. For something less intrusive you could try a saline spray. If you have a cough that you can't seem to shake with cough drops, I find this works well for both children and adults. When it comes to the flu or fever I find that ibuprofen works better than Acetaminophen but it's probably best to just use whatever works best for you and your child. When is comes to cold some swear by echinacea but many think it helps little if at all.


Renee said...

My brother just got Neti Pot for Christmas and it has been very helpful!
I just read an article about Neti Pots as well that was intriguing at http://blogs.dailycents.com/?p=825 talking about how to use a Neti Pot that was really intriguing.

Camera Repair said...

There are some who also say that in addition to mitigating congestion from the cold and flu, regular use of the neti pot can actually PREVENT flu and the common cold. For example, consider this.