Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chaim Berlin Ban.... Wigs in Jeopardy!

Chaim had originally brought this story to my attention via Dov bear and I had to investigate it more closely. A friend of my family who is very close with the Rosh Yeshiva stated that Rav Aron Schechter was approached by some of the kollel bochrim concerning the photos in the window of the wig store across the street. Rav Aaron proceeded to request that the store owner please take down the photos. The reply in kind was rude: "this is not Bnei Brak" which certainly is not a respectful way to speak to a Rosh Yeshiva. I'm not certain that the response alone was the reason for the ban but it certainly did not make the Rosh Yeshiva happy. There may very well be more to this story than meets the eye. There is certainly at least one prominent posek in the area (from Chaim Berlin originally) who does not see the photos as a big deal. This whole fiasco will certainly come to a close as this woman only has a 6 month lease and the owner of the establishment has close ties with the yeshiva.


Chaim said...

Isn't it highly unlikely that R' Aron Shechter himself walked into the place and asked? I think based on most reports it was one of the students, on direction from the Rav. Which means if it was students, we can't judge what really happened. They might have been abrasive or nasty, or holier then thou. Maybe they thought it'd be open and shut, go in, tell the guy, he'll pull it out and say how sorry he was.

What I find interesting is that I think the trend of banning is being started by the Talmidim of these rebbeim.

Just like the Israel concert ban. These are "problems" that are being brought to the Rabanim's attentions. They aren't seeking it out. This leads me to wonder if we are living in a climate where the students are trying to be frumer then the rebbeim?

JB, do you see what I'm saying? It used to be our rebbeim would decide an issue was important and start talking to us about it, direct us, advise us, tell us what to do or not to do.

These days it's the students trying to outfrum the other one. Who can be the most shtark, who can think of the most problems to report on.

I also hold to my original comment, which is that there is so much other stuff, just on those blocks alone, frum, not frum, goyishe, etc, that its bullying, picking one person out in a community where chaim berlin is not the only game in town and has little right to enforce what they hold on other people.

A guys attitude is a completely separate issue, some people just don't like being told what to do, especially when its unsolicited.

Ezzie said...

Nowhere in the letter does it imply R' AS spoke to the store owner himself.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I honestly haven't read the letter but I was told Rav Aaron requested it himself and this info comes from someone very close with the Rosh. Take that for what it is.

Chaim said...

"requested it" or walked into the store and personally asked him. HUGE difference.

Why doesnt someone just call the store and ask them?

I think thats the key to all of this. If a bunch of high almighty yungeleit came in, all angry and told the guy "Rav Shechter DEMANDS you take these down right now" the guy could have felt pushed around, and thought who do these think they are?? ...... this isn't Bnei Brak.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

From what I understand either he went across the street or he called. That's what I've been told.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Upon confirmation Rav Aaron made the call himself.