Monday, November 12, 2007

Introducing Quotes for Bands!

You might be wondering about the box in the upper left side of this blog. Well some friends of mine who have been in the music business a long time had an interesting idea: People get quotes for all sorts of items and services so why not a Jewish orchestra/band/DJ etc. for your affair. It matters not on the size or type of affair, can help you find the best music for the best price, period. SimchaTree's slogan is "when bands compete you win" and I believe that's exactly what you'll find. It doesn't matter where your simcha is taking place since is associated with the hottest bands across the USA as well as other countries. My friends tell me that they are hopeful that this service will take away the annoyance of having to search for quality music at an affordable price. If you plan on making a simcha I suggest you give it a whirl!