Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NYT: Syrian Empire: SY's

The NYT has an interesting article that discusses both the wealth and culture of the Syrian Jewish community. Part of the article speaks of the clash between ashkenazim and the Syrian community.I was unaware that they were once described as Arabische Yidden — Arab Jews. It also talks about the edict in 1935 that disallowed the Syrians to marry converts. I was always surprised to learn that although wealthy, the Persian sefardic community does not really mingle with the Syrians.


Mr Bagel said...

It would seem that non Syrian Jews are also avoided. Thanks for the article JBM it was certainly insightful into the Syrian community.

Mr Bagel

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Your welcome. Thanks for stopping by:)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the conversion ban,I do know that it is specifically for conversions that are for the purpose of marriage.Conversion for adoption is very common in our community.In fact all the Rabbis of the community agree that regarding adoption conversion is appropriate.Therefore this is most definitly not a blood issue as some have portrayed it.