Sunday, October 28, 2007

NYT: Introduces West Hempstead, Long Island

The NYT has a nice article on one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in Long Island: West Hempstead. Don't confuse it with New Hempstead, NY as it it often is, as it too is growing at a rapid clip. The article discusses the new library which recently opened up and the revitalization that is going on in this part of Long Island. The part of the article which I think hit the nail right on the head was:“It is a humble community,” said Mr. Slomnicki, 27, a teacher. “There is a wholesomeness, a community feeling" and affordability was “a priority,” but he also emphasized what had truly won everyone over: a lack of “pretension, which is good, especially considering it is Long Island.” I've been all over New York and I was always impressed by West Hempstead in that snobbery does not seem to exist there at all. Although the article does not really discuss the Kosher eateries of the town, (which are not many) West Hempstead is home to a favorite Chinese restaurant of many: Wing Wan. It remains to be seen how if any new kosher establishments will pop up in the future as it's proximity to the 5 towns makes it difficult. West Hempstead has also recently seen growth in learning programs with a Yeshivah Gedolah for college students as well as professionals who would like to set aside time to learn.

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