Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morning breakfast Links: Always Appetizing

BloginDm and Life-of-Rubin duke it out in the battle of copying music, who won?Wondering what SerandEz's favorite video is? We welcome new JBlogger The 54 Studio Rebbe as he discusses the pitfalls of the music industry. Jergames gives us an update on his Toronto trip: This guy plays games everywhere! Don't miss psychotoddler's radio interview, the man is famous I tell you! Jameel explains why he would join the Tzohar Rabbis. Daled Amos shows you the what Palestinians are singing and Israel Matzav explains why Iran is not the Soviet Union. Terrorists can use Google to create havoc explains Soccerdad. How can a politician increase his ratings:by stating he has cancer? Chaviva discusses some parsha. Parsha blog brings you Rabbi Moshe Feinstien's take on stockings.

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