Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Miami Concert Cancellation: Information

There has been tremendous buzz since the announcement of the cancellation of the Miami Boys Chol Hamoed Concert yesterday. I highly doubt they only sold 900 tickets as someone claimed that seems so ridiculous my belly is hurting from laughter. A lot of people would like to say that Yerachmiel got what he deserved regarding the recent ban on concerts in the yeshiva velt. I'm not interested in taking pot shots at anyone. Personally I did not buy any tickets to any events so I'm doing well.I had a real a laugh however reading some of the many comments that were left on Yeshiva World's blog regarding this snafu. One of the commentors seem to spell out a possibility as to what occurred: THIS WAS TO BE THE MOST COMPLEX SHOW EVEN FOR YERACHMIEL.1- FROM MY SOURCES IT SEEMS (NOT FACT) THAT NASSAU IS UNDER NEW TOUGH MANAGMNT2- AND THERE WERE SOME “UNWRITTEN UNDERSTANDINGS” AS AN EVENT OF THIS SIZE HAS NUMEROUS DETAILS ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO SPELL OUT ALL NEEDS & ACCOMODATIONS3- THERE WAS AN INSURANCE PROBLEM WITH THE DOG SHOW & POSSIBLY 2 OTHER POINTS THAT CANT BE POSTED4-NASSAU WANTED AN ADDTL. $75000 FOR THE RIDES/ UNION DUES5-THE POST WHO WROTE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF TICKETS SOLD IT WAS LESS THAN EXPECTED BUT 900 TICKETS IS A NASTY DIG6- WILL YERACHMIEL SUE NASSAU? MY GUESS “PROBABLY”.

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Yehoshua Solomon said...

As I have heard from Yerachmiel's son, Chananya, he probably will sue.