Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kosher Red Bull: Dominating Israel's Ultra Orthodox

Being an ultra-orthodox Jew takes a lot of energy! You have a lot of kids, you study the torah from dawn to dusk so you will need a drink to keep you going. Enter "EXIT" the first kosher energy drink for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Exit is an orange beverage that was modeled after the famous Red Bull and is strictly kosher. The manufacturer boasts 58 different extracts all of which have been carefully checked by rabbinical experts for high kashrus standards. The label does have a warning for children under 12 not to consume it although it hardly seems to deter them, as the article describes: David, an 11-year-old yeshiva student, said that his religious school had forbidden the drink on its premises – the label recommends children under the age of 12 do not consume it – but that he and his friends drank at least a can a day each to help them concentrate on memorising the sacred texts. “It tastes pure and clean because we know the ingredients are pure,” he said. “All my friends drink it; we study 14 hours a day.” Needless to say it seems to be a big hit.

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