Friday, October 26, 2007

Hechsher Wars in the UK

There is a very interesting article in the JC regarding hechshairim (supervision companies) in the UK. Among some of the most well known hechshairim is that of the Manchester Beth Din. The story is that a dayan from the Beth Din, Rabbi Osher Westheim broke off from the Beth Din to start his own hechsher (you may have seen it on those Wrigley wrappers manufactured in Poland).The drop in revenue that the Beth Din has seen has been devastating and it has been attempted to broker a deal between it's old employee of 28 yrs. as recently as last week. Talks however did not seem to go well as the Dayan told the Beth Din that any “drop in revenue” was largely the responsibility of the Manchester Beth Din itself. The article claims that Rabbi Westheim has brought Manchester international fame for excellence in Kashrus that is had never had before.

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