Friday, October 19, 2007

Chabad House in Trenton Under Fire

Here is a problem that plagues Rabbis all over the USA, they attempt to use their house as places of worship. The town then gets upset because they take up parking space, too noisy or they feel threatened etc. In Freehold, NJ Rabbi Avraham Bernstein sued Monmouth County township for it's atempt to stop him from using his house as a synagogue. The neighbors were complaining that as many as 70 people could be found in his backyard, which is certainly more than the minyan that was necessary. The town changed the definition of his home to a "house of worship". Sounds good, right? Wrong! In defining his home as such, he is in violation of zoning laws and could face hundreds of dollars in fines.Bernstein and his lawyers claim Freehold's definition is so vague that it could allow the township to go after any person it believes is causing a nuisance with religious ceremonies.

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Anonymous said...

The situation is in Freehold, not Trenton.

Trenton is just where the story was posted from.