Monday, October 22, 2007

Almost Thrown Off a Flight For Keeping Kosher?

An Orthodox family was threatened to be thrown off a United Airlines flight from Denver to Columbus. The problem? Their Kosher meal. Some passengers complained about the smell of their fish meal after which a flight attendant threatened to have them evacuated from the premises. The father Robert Blum, is calling the incident a case of discrimination and the Airline subsequently issued an apology. No news of any pending lawsuit.

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Sarah said...

I don't understand. Was this a kosher meal that the airline provided (in which case it's more than a little ironic that they blamed the family for the meal which the airline itself served), or was it a meal that the family brought -- in which case the complaint would have been that it is smelly fish, not that it is kosher? If the latter, then the only way the kosher aspect comes in is that airlines are removing their special meal option, forcing more people to bring their own, be it smelly kosher fish or smelly diabetic whatever or smelly lactose-free whatever.