Thursday, August 02, 2007

Haredim Will be the Majority of Jews: Study Finds

A study by historian Dr. Yaakov Wise, indicates that a majority of Jews both in the UK and US will be ultra-orthodox: Almost three out of every four British Jewish births, he says, are ultra-Orthodox, and the community now accounts for around 45,500, or 17 percent, of a total UK Jewish population of around 275,000."In America, too, where the Jewish population is stable or declining, ultra-Orthodox Jewish numbers are growing rapidly. Prof. Joshua Comenetz at the University of Florida says the ultra-Orthodox population doubles every 20 years, which he says may make the Jewish community not only more religiously observant but more politically conservative," Wise says. Therefore said Dr. Wise, everyone should buy stock in G&G Quality Clothing ( actually he never said that, I did).


Soccer Dad said...

I think the politically conservative is oversold, much as I wish otherwise.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I hear you :)