Monday, July 16, 2007

Vonage: Jewish Discrimination Suit

This will certainly be a good payday for the defendant if it's true. Vonage is currently involved with an anti-discrimination lawsuit against an orthodox Jew, Mikhail Rozenberg of Edison, NJ. Mr Rozenberg is alleging that Vonage did not allow him to observe Jewish holidays as well as shabbos on Fri night.

"In December 2005, [the] defendants informed Rozenberg that the only positions then available required him to work on Saturdays," according to the complaint. Also, it is alleged, the defendant's management representative told him "you will not fit here" and that when he stopped practicing his religion, he could come back.Vonage spokesman Charlie Sahner said the lawsuit is without merit."We'll dispute it," Sahner said on Monday. "Vonage has a very diverse workforce and we respect the individuality of our employees."

The fact that they have a diverse workforce means they wouldn't discriminate? How many religious Jews do they have working there? Notice how they don't mention anything about that.

I'm happy to say I do not use Vonage but rather Cablevision.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing your point here. If they needed a person on Saturday, and he can't work on a Saturday, then obviously he doesn't qualify for the job. That's not discrimination, that's called the free market.