Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pathmark Blowout! Free Food!

I'm always up for something that's good and costs nothing. I have a friend who actually is constantly figuring ways he can get great stuff at little or no cost. He uses coupons with other rebates etc.. now I'm not that insane about coupons but I try to save money where I can. I also try to save time, this means if a supermarket is packed with lines, I'll certainly use the "self checkout" since I'm a wizard at those gadgets and should win an award for the fastest self chekout(er). Well I think I really out did myself this time. You see I was getting ready for our July 4rth BBQ the other day and the lines were a bit long. I see the "self check out" and naturally make my way there. The machine had an issue dispensing the dollar bills but the problem was quickly resolved by a cashier opening up the gizmo and fixing it. As I approached it and scanned all my item (very quickly of course) I noticed it did not prompt me to slide a credit card etc.. There was a button that said "pay cashier" so I hit it ( and $100,000 came out of the slot!...just kidding). I tried sliding my card but was unable to go through the whole process. It merely spit out a receipt that I assumed I had to give the cashier. Unsure of what to do I followed my instincts. I showed the receipt to the cashier who seemed to understand what to do. He typed up the code on the paper into his computer and said my total was $15.58. He then gave me a full receipt of all the items I had purchased. The odd thing was is that after figuring it out roughly, my total should have been about $50 at least. Bank error in my favor?Cool!


nyc45 said...

lol...which Pathmark was this at??!?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

in Nassau long island.