Sunday, July 01, 2007

Barbara Striesand in Germany: Sold Out!

For the longest time Barbara Streisand has been asked by Germany to perform a concert and she always refused. The reason for the refusal was never really given but it was always thought that the holocaust played a role in that decision. She finally gave in this past Saturday and performed to a sold out audience of 18,000. Do you think she made the right decision? Should we be so forgiving yet? How quickly can we forget?


Seth Mayer said...


This wasn't a free concert, they paid to see her. What better justice is there in the world than to see a Jew be in a sought after position where they beg her to come and pay to see her in a land where this could have never happened in a huge period prior to WWII?

Let them beg her, let them pay her and let her gladly take their money. She's earned it, Jews earned it and Hitler's rolling over to the beat of "Memories"...

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Interesting point. I was wondering why she decided to change her position now though.

Mr Bagel said...

If that is the reason for her not appearing before Its understandable.

As for how long before we forgive the Germans for the atrocities they committed against Jews? Well their cruelty and inhumanity have left scars which will go beyond the counting of generations.

How do you say sorry to a young child's descendants who were never born?

Who can accept an apology when no member of some families exist anymore?

Is any person really able to offer forgiveness for all victims of the shoah?

Mr Bagel