Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ronald S. Lauder: President of World Jewish Congress.

The World Jewish Congress has elected Ronald S Lauder . The name may sound familiar because his mother was Estee Lauder founder of the cosmetic giant. He takes over this position from Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. who resigned after 28 years in the post. The world Jewish Congress is one of the most prominent Jewish Organizations. The WJC is well known for it's support of Israel as well as it's fight on anti-semitism.
"This is such an important organization. Let's do everything we can to make this what it was, glorious," Lauder said as he addressed delegates in New York


Anonymous said...

duh, he also ran for mayor of new york city not too long ago. he also ran the JNF... he has his own name.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who doesnt remeber lauder running against giuliani for mayor? how old are you kid?