Sunday, June 17, 2007

Natorai Karta Member's Kids: Expelled from School!

The J Post has an article on an Orthodox school in Vienna, that has expelled some children whose father is a member of the infamous Neturai Karta. Machzikei Hadas, as the school is called, refuses to let the kids return and is seemingly not bothered by a court ruling of over $800,000 in fines. In case you were wondering, these children believe as their father does. As the article explains: "Friedman's kids cheer every time there is a suicide bombing in Israel. This is not something I want my children exposed to." These are perhaps just some of the reasons the parents are backing the administration's decision. Interestingly enough is that the school building's owner was himself a holocaust survivor. You can only imagine the pain it causes him knowing a deniers kids are in that building.

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Anonymous said...

there is no reason to sxpell the kids from school.
the precedent is disasterous.