Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kashrut Alert: Tropicana Smells Fishy?

Recently shopping at Brach's I noticed a little sign next to a Tropicana carton. It was labeled "OK-Fish". The OK has issued a kashrus alert that the Tropicana with Omega-3 contains fish oil and should therefore not be used in conjunction with meat. If you like the idea of fish in your orange juice and are worried that you can't have it with your steak, do not worry.According to the information off the OU's website this whole issue is not problematic:There is also a question if gravy of one fell into the pot of the other and there is less than 1/60 of one of them, whether one can employ the halachic rule of bitul b’shishim (nullification of the minority substance). The gemara (Chulin 111b) seems to imply that fish may be cooked in a fleishig pot, while some argue (see Taz, Yoreh Deah 95:3). It would seem that one can be lenient in these and other related questions. This is because several major poskim point out that the danger Chazal referred to is no longer prevalent (see Magen Avraham, Orach Chayim 173:1; Pitchei Tshuva, Yoreh Deah 116:3, in the name of Chatam Sofer; Aruch Hashulchan, Yoreh Deah 116:10).Since the Omega-3 in all likelihood is bitul b'shishim some may wonder why the OK brought it up in the first place. Some people are of the opinion that this whole kashrus alert may have have been a publicity stunt by the OK. Others say because there is a danger mentioned in the Talmud regarding eating fish and meat together, some try to strictly adhere to it since the reason for the danger is not clear.


DAG said...

That would apply to Marshmellows and gummies too, BTW

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Good point!