Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Well my sister is getting married and it's time to get ready for the big day. This of course means my wife has to find a bronze dress ( aren't sisters annoying with their color choices), me a suit and my little one a baby outfit. We had already found my daughter a dress at a gemach. My wife had no luck but fortunately found a gorgeous dress at David's Bridal which she'll have altered to be a bit more conservative. That left me and the little one. We found the deal of the century at a store we never frequent: Daffy's in Manhasett. I found a suit made in Italy with a super 150 thread count for $140! That's unreal! I bought two of the same ones in different colors with a tie for each(one had to be bronze of course). The suits felt like silk not wool. they had quite a nice selections of nice clothes so if you are ever on the Island check out this fantastic secret.


Baleboosteh said...

Congratulations to your sister...and also to you on the purchase of some nice suites!

I am sure you will all look lovely on the big day :)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Thanks, I sure hope so :)