Sunday, June 10, 2007

Best in Kosher Food: Dietetic IV

As we continue on this road of The Best in Kosher Dietetic foods, I must say there are always some surprises. It's not always that easy to find something that tastes great but is low in calorie and fats. One of the more difficult things to find is a great dessert that one can really sink their teeth into. When one is counting calories as on the weight watchers program, it's always easier to have the portions ready made as opposed to having to measure. For example: it's easier to get ice cream as a sandwich than purchasing a container of it and having to measure the scoop. With that said, I was pretty impressed with skinny cows. I'm not referring to that dream Yosef had about Egypt but of course the Ice Cream. I had sampled both the vanilla and Cookies n' cream sandwiches (I saved the chocolate for my wife). They were both quite good and had a nice flavor and consistancy. They didn't taste quite as rich as regular ice cream but all things considered it makes the grade.


Anonymous said...

They are pretty good. I was surprised by the fiber content (3 grams if i recall) which is pretty good for an ice cream sandwitch.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

That's right 3 grams..I too was surprised to find that it did have 3 grams of fiber.