Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jerusalem: Becoming an Arab City?

The NYT has a very distressing article about Jerusalem: more and more Jews are leaving the Holy City. There are more Jews leaving the city than coming in, the report claims.

In a 1967 census taken shortly after the war, the population of Jerusalem was 74 percent Jewish and 26 percent Arab. Today, the city is 66 percent Jewish and 34 percent Arab, with the gap narrowing by about 1 percentage point a year, according to the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies.

Jerusalem’s Jewish population is still growing despite the out-migration, but only by a little over 1 percent a year — not enough to match the annual 3 percent increase among Arabs.

One of the issue the article points to is that Jerusalem is too extreme religiously for most secular Israeli's. As more religious Jews move in, more secular Jews are moving out.

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