Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Billboard Interviews Matisyahu

Billboard's latest interview with Matisyahu discusses his latest headlining for 311. At first Matisyahu was a bit skepitical but realized that this would be a great way to get his music out to new fans. The article mention that Matiyahu may have his new album ready by next spring.

"The real record will come out probably next spring or so," Matisyahu says. "I've been really focused the last six months, spending my time on trying to just develop the content and the idea of the record, before we go into the studio, which is a lot different than I've done it before. Before, I've just kind of listened to some music and let my free association kind of take over and just write whatever is on my mind. This I'm kind of planning out much more."
Currently that planning revolves around Matisyahu studying the psychedelic works of Rabbi Nachman.

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