Thursday, April 12, 2007

Listerine Recall....

Some people are mighty blue to find out that their kids favorite mouthwash is being recalled. Agent Cool Blue is a alcohol free mouthwash that's marketed towards children, as it helps them detect were the tartar builds up is, now has showed up contamination by microorganisms. This is despite the use of preservatives. If you know anyone who is or may be using this product spread the word.


Mel Balsamo said...

Mouthwash that's marketed for children, eh? Sounds good! I am using Listerine myself for about a couple of years now. It's the only mouthwash I trusted. But still, I think I personally wouldn't encourage my children to use mouthwash at their young ages. Brushing their teeth with toothpaste is just enough to maintain oral hygiene. I guess I'm just afraid that all these preservatives could cause them something I would blame myself for.
But don't worry I'll help you spread the word!

Mel Balsamo

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Everyone should spread the word. this past I just happened to had spotted a bottle at a friends house who was totally unaware of the recall!