Friday, April 27, 2007

Junior Cheescake Loses Supervision ll

The JPost has an article on Junior's Cheesecake which as I discussed earlier has lost it's supervision by the OU. The reason suspected for the label-pull was a non-Jewish foreman who whipped up a batch over Passover for a long time customer. This article is bit annoying since they decided the person who should give you the inside scoop to kashrus is Joel Roth, professor of Talmud and Jewish Law at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Let's say I don't see I to eye with his views on Judaism, that's almost beside the point. This guy got into some serious trouble back in 93' and had to resign as Dean of the Jewish Theological Seminary's rabbinical school. He is also not an authority on the laws of Kashrus so honestly why would I care what he has to say? As the article points out this kashrus issue will now effect some people's holiday plans with regard to their shavous , although I can't imagine it would be all that difficult to find a good substitute.

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whats the latest jm hock for lag b'omer