Monday, April 16, 2007

Jewish A Capella: A.K.A .Pella 2 Review

Ok So I just recently reviewed six13's latest A Capella album and it's time to move on to yet another: AKA Pella #2. This group has certainly stirred up a lot of controversy from copying American Idol on the album cover to using intros from well known American songs such as "Larger than Life" on their opening song L'cha ( The Chevra) and so many others. I'm sure they could have managed to release the album without these intros but perhaps the controversy increases album sales. If I had to compare it to six13, I would say the singers on this album have better voices but this album doesn't have as much as an A Capella feel to it.The guitar sounds a bit to real to me ( although you can tell perhaps it's not the real deal). The album covers songs from The Chevra (Eli Gerstner), Shalsheles, Lev Tahor, Yehuda and others and there is some original material as well. Overall it's a decent album but I wasn't blown away. I did not hear the first album but my understanding from one of my associates was the first album is better. They picked some good songs to cover such as songs from Lev Tahor but they fell short vocally and they didn't do much to make these songs thier own. The album is certainly pleasant to listen to but some people seem to have an issue with it, saying the album sounds too real to be considered sefira-kosher.


Jacob Da Jew said...

2 things.

A) No way do they sound too real.

B) The Album sucks.

Jacob Da Jew said...

My comment from

This whole chumra is getting was outta #$%^ hand.

don't wanna listen to live music? Fine.

don't wanna listen to non-live music? Fine too.

But to go ahead and start hocking about some dumb acapella band that they are assur too?


Stop being such a frummie.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Jacob Da Jew,

You obviously didn't read this post carefully. I'm just telling you other peoples opinion. If you don't like the album mu suggestion is...don't buy it.

FrumWithQuestions said...

I would agree with your associate that the first album is better. I only listened to clips of this album from the web and have heard some songs on shmaisradio but i was not impressed with what i heard.

Arnold said...

So which is the better album?