Monday, April 30, 2007

Brooklyn Kashrus: A Fantastic New Developement

A fantastic new development has been made in Brooklyn in regards to Kashrus. The KIC ( Kashrus information center) is an independent party that checks into the standards of kosher supervision at kosher stores throughout the Brooklyn area. It then reports it's findings to the Rabbis of the community. They do not give supervision and therefore have no agenda, you can read more about this organization here. There was an advertisement in the Hamodia that if a store had it's supervision pulled ( like the Junior cheesecake situation (except it's not a store)) another hashgocha would have to contact the KIC before issuing it's supervision. For example if the OK Labs withdrew it's hashgocha from a pizza shop, another company such as Star-K could not give supervision there without meeting with the KIC to discuss things first. This way there would be higher kashrus standards across the board. The lisiting of Hasgchos that agreed to this program included: star-k, kehila kashus, ARK, Tartikor Rav, OK, OU, Rabbi Gornish. I might be missing some but the chof k was absent perhaps because they don't really give all that many hashgochas in the area. It will be interesting to see how it effects kashrus standards.


Anonymous said...

rabbi gronish (gornisht) is as gornish (gornisht) as chof-k

Jewish Blogmeister said...

You can say what you like (not that I'm a big fan) but Rabbi Gornish is held in high esteem by some very well respected rabbanim. Name calling is pretty lame, you may want to be more creative.