Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Banning The Bag: NY Ban?

You know the grocery bags you love so much. The one that seconds as a garbage bag or water bomb (ok maybe that's just me). Well if an Assemb. William Colton has his way they will be gone! You see the plastic bag is filling up our landfills and they float around causing lots of havoc (picture left). You might be wondering what inspired this man to send such legislation our way. Believe it or not it was not the garbage that perhaps they are producing but rather the fact that one of his staffer's dogs choked on a plastic bag and required surgery.

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Mr Bagel said...

HI JBM, the fact is I wouldn't call myself quite the world's greatest treehugger, but those plastic bags suck. They dont break down and they cause a lot of death for maring life especially.

In Australia theres a big campaign to not use them, every one has the longer lasting cotton/hessian etc bags.

Unfortunately, the truth is if we really wanted to cut down on rubbish we would stop allowing companies to 'over package' their goods, by choosing less packaged goods.

Consider you weekly waste, 95% comes from the supermarket. If they had to pay to dispose of it all, you would bet the packaging would be cut down.

Shalom Aaron
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