Friday, April 20, 2007

Bagel Island: Yet Another Store W/ Kashrut Issues!

It seems that the Kashrus world in NY is making a lot of headlines. From Le Marais to Gourmet Glatt and now for the most recent addition: Bagel Island of Lawrence, NY. This Five Towns establishment was caught red handed according to a report by the Jewish Star with non-cholov yisroel cream cheese. The trouble started when they ran out of cream cheese and one of the partners who was non-observant (David Perez) decided to purchase non-cholov yisroel since they could not get the regular shipment in. No actual traife was involved here, however the honesty ( and reliability) of the owner is now brought into question. As a slap on the wrist the Vaad of the 5 Towns had shut the store down for a day. David Perez is no longer allowed on the premises of the store and frum partner Joe Elbaz is considered trustworthy as per the vaad's analysis. Hopefully Joe's business will not be hurt because his partner did something stupid.


Anonymous said...

Just to add to your list...

The other day, my friend was eating at CIRCA Manhattan when she discovered cholov akum cream cheese served with her sushi.
They dismissed her claims, until she made them show her the package.
Of course she was right; it wasnt cholov yisroel.


it's like you can't eat anywhere anymore..

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, they initially served her little packets of cream cheese w/o a hechsher, but she knew the co.

Anonymous said...

this is just the begining of the house of cards called kashrus SUPERvision come tumbling down. OY VEY