Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chabad Moves To Conquer the West!

I once remember looking up on a map and finding that one of the only states that did not have a Chabad house was Montana. Well not any more: A Rabbi from Brooklyn has made the trek out to the boondocks in Bozeman, Mont. They moved right our of Eastern Parkway to a 1.2-acre claim nestled against the Rocky Mountains (sounds like a nice change of scenery).

Montana has about 1,500 Jews spread out over 145,000 square miles, according to United Jewish Communities, and Bruk had been sent there by elders in Crown Heights twice before.

"The goal of our movement is to make sure that there isn't one Jew in this world that feels lonely, that he feels comfortable with the religion that he was born into," Bruk said."I'm going there to bring exciting Jewish knowledge to these little cities."And as Bruk teaches his flock about Judaism, he's hoping they'll teach him something about the cowboy way.So far, Bruk has done some horseback riding and shooting out on the range, but no hunting. His religion does not permit it.He's started scouting locations for weekly Torah classes in Bozeman and monthly and bimonthly sessions in Helena, Billings, Kalispell and Great Falls.

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FrumSatire said...

I have spent shabbos in Bozeman of all places a couple times and know the guy who is funding that chabbad house. Montana rocks- been there 5 times- to backpack.