Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Jewish Music Release: Miami Boys Choir: Moshiach

Yerachmiel Begun and the Miami Boys Choir is one of the oldest acts in Jewish music. I believe this is the first choir album he's produced without calling it "Miami Boys Choir". He is putting together a concert April 5th Thurs. Chol Hamoed for Miami Concert celebrating 30 Yrs. You can hear the interview with Yerachmiel (who sounds so hoarse from those recording sessions) as well as the title track songon JM in the AM here. I don't think the Achaka Lo is going to be a big hit on the wedding circuit but perhaps people will like it at the concert.


Rafi G said...

didn't the gedolim just say Miami was assur? :-)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

No No No! Moshiach is Assur!:)

Anonymous said...

why moshiach is assur??