Saturday, February 17, 2007

Motzei Shabbos Wrap Up

Things have been very hectic at work so the posts this week were a bit sparse. Although Purim is right around the corner it is already here with accusations and a pending lawsuit against Orthomom. The whole idea is quite laughable, you go Ortho! Ezzie gives you reason to check out your peanut butter. AbbaGav weighs in on the Temple Mount. The Balaboosteh discusses the spider that sat down beside her. Life-In-Israel talks Turkey. Jack speaks of lies and customer service and has some real good insights. KosherBlog attempts to keep us all warm with his Vegetable Barley Soup recipe. Wondering how that little orange is pronounced is what's on Lakevent's mind. If you like ring tones, you can't afford to miss psychotoddler's idea of a great one.

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