Monday, January 01, 2007

Jewish Music Podcast: Sameach Music Features Enhanced Version...

Sameach Music is playing around with different formats and are now featuring an enhanced version of thier Jewish music Podcasts. This particular podcast features:

Artist Name: Avraham Fried
Album Name: Bein Kach UBein Kach
Song Name: BaiShanim

Produced By: Shmuel Borger Presents
Artist Name: Avraham Freid, Shloime Dachs, Mendy Wald & Yisroel Williger as young soloists
Album Name: Amudei Sheish Boys Choir

Artist Name: Eitan & Shlomo Katz
Album Name: Biglal Avos
Song Name: Biglal Avos

Artist Name: Blue Fringe
Album Name: The Whole World Lit Up
Song Name: Listen to You

Artist Name: Matisyahu
Album Name: No Place to Be CD & DVD BONUS
Song Name: Chop Em Down

Oldie But Goodie!
Part of the classics library that Sameach is now distributing.
Artist Name: Dov Levine
Album Name: Kumzitz Classics
Song Name: Yisroel

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