Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bank Robbery in Flatbush...

Vos is Neias reports that the Washington Mutual on Ave. J and Coney Island ave has been robbed again. Evidently this location has had issues of robberies previously and it actually does ring a bell with me too. I actually got my first checking account at this location back when it was "The Dime Savings Bank". In the comment section we learn that one of the stores nearby had a stink bomb thrown inside the establishment as a diversion. Pretty crazy stuff!

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Bagel Blogger said...

Update via comments at Vos is Neias:..
"The perp DID NOT throw any stink bomb into the bakery. The front door of the bakery was open when the perp passed by after the robbery. The money he has gotten from the bank had a special dye on it and it sends out a tear gas type of spray which happen to enter the store."

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