Friday, December 22, 2006

Sentenced for killing Palestinians..he kills himself!

Asher Weisgan a resident of Shiloh was in jail on four consecutive life sentences. He had killed several Palestinians in an effort to stop the disengagement and used his own tefillin to hang himself. From the sound of it this was a deeply troubled man and perhaps should have been in psych ward from the beginning as the article points out:

Weisgan was kept in the religious section of the prison, but asked to be transferred to another cell where he committed suicide Friday afternoon. Police have launched an investigation into thecincident. Right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir said in response to the incident: "The court is guilty and the judges ignored claims by Weisgan's lawyers that he is not fit to stand trial. If he was a terrorist, he would have been released. We will remember Asher Weisgan as someone who tried to prevent Jews from being evicted from Gush Katif and who attempted to prevent the tragedy."The National Union-NRP faction demanded police conduct a full probe into the circumstances surrounding the suicide."The Prisons Authority should clear all question marks surrounding this incident," a party spokesperson said.


FrumWithQuestions said...

I think the story is a little bit fishy. Anyone who is orthodox or anyone who has any limited Jewish knowlede knows that suicide is against Jewish belief. SInce this is the case, why would this guy hang himself with tefiliin which is a reminder in itself of the Jewish heritage?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I know but if you read the article this guy was not in his right mind per se.