Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Shabbos Hot Topic: The Five Towns Vaad

There is no question one of the hottest topics on Long Island and the Five Towns is the growing concern over the recent fiasco at Gourmet Glatt. All shabbos I heard a variety of people discussing it ( and I'm not even living in the 5 towns). The latest article on this hot button topic seems to indicate that argument is not so much of an issue of Kashrut, as a contractual problem of having two supervision companies. Orthomom certainly made a big splash in that article and I'm really wondering were this is all headed. Many of the more modern-orthodox ( and some black hatters I'm sure) seem to view this as the Rabbis acting as the "Kosher Mafia": strictly political and nothing else. I think at the very least the Vaad should get moving and start mending the fence here since the Rabbis are certainly taking a bit of a verbal beating lately. Another problem that Orthomom points out, is Gourmet Glatt taking this fight public and trying to perhaps bully the Vaad into recertifying it.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the story in 5tj5 that you lnked to? it seems that the VAAD now is using Rumor and Loshen Hora to make their point. Read the part that starts with

Some of the rabbis involved in the Vaad, who have not been authorized to comment on behalf of the Vaad, have told the 5TJT that there is a file of violations

Jewish Blogmeister said...

The problem many are saying if there was a file of violations why did they wait to pull it why not long before.

Anonymous said...

my question would be why are they passing along the information via rumor and innuendo

asher said...

this is the greatest fight of all time. Can't you see what's behind this?

They the vaad of the 5 Towns tells glatt emporium to get out by Feb 1 as if they are the landlord. Glatt Emporium smells something wrong and to cover itself goes and gets someone else to validate their kashruth. The real question is why is 5 Town Vaad acting this way?
Did someone not pay someone off?

Why doesn't 5 Towns Vaad answer exactly what is the problem with Glatt Emporium? As the defender of kashruth in the 5 towns they should at least be responsible to someone.

And you wonder why yeshiva boys like me have no respect for what has become "modern orthodox". I'd shop at Glatt Emporium if it was open on shabbos.

Anonymous said...

I don't think its right to answer one Loshen Hora with another