Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Kosher Food Trend: Sport Stadiums

USA Today has an interesting article on how the Kosher food market is impacting Sport Stadiums.You have to hand it to Jeffrey Striks if you ever get to eat a Kosher Hot dog at Shea or Yankee stadium. After all he's the one who has made the kosher hot dog available. His company, Strikly Kosher has expanded to Giants Stadium, Continental Airlines Arena in NJ, Nassau Coliseum on Long Island and the Yankees' minor league ballpark on Staten Island. Certainly his Kosher Food stands are a big hit among the religious Jews who were never able to eat such foods at any stadium in the U.S. previously. There are also those who think they just taste better:

Steve Spencer of Livingston, N.J., found Strikly Kosher at Giants Stadium this year and has been back for each of the three Jets games he attended. He doesn't keep kosher, but he likes the idea. "If I'm going to buy a hot dog, I'll find the kosher stand," said Spencer, 47. "I like the taste better. I assume the quality is better."


Ezzie said...

Very true! I should post on this... I - and one of my contributing posters - worked at the Kosher stand in Cleveland for a couple of years. We outsold, with just 3 people, the 8-person stand across from us by about $4,000/night to their $2,500, even though they sold more items. People simply liked our Kosher dogs better, and they were the same price.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Thanks for the input! I've never eaten a non-kosher hot dog but it's certainly nice to know they indeed taste better.