Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kashrut Issues: Meal Mart Brooklyn Location

With the latest troubles in Kosher Meat industry the last thing we need is another fiasco with yet another store. However, with the troubles that Monsey brought to our attention and new kashrut measures that are being put in plac e I'm wondering if more problems will be coming to light. The latest possible issue was brought up by Yeshiva World in that there may be some issues with Meal Mart of Brooklyn. A friend of mine had recently given a deposit for his wedding at this establishment and is very concerned over the possible outcome. Yeshiva World is asking that if you have anything to add to email him directly. More to come I'm sure...

Update: Yeshiva World has posted a letter from the Nirbater Rov Shlita who is the Rav Hamachshor. The letter states the following (English translation)

“All meats from Ally Processing - Meal Mart is Geshochten salted etc. under my Hasgocho.

The “Nikkur” (cleaning of Chelev) on every single piece of meat is done under the watchful eye of Mashgichim Mumchim (in the Nikkur process) who are Yirei Hashem. They have learned their trade from other “Minak’rim Mumchim”, who have received Kaballah for Nikkur from Rabbonim, Geonim ZY”A from the previous generation.

The Nikkur process which is used is the exact process which was written by the BADATZ Yerushalayim (Eidah Hachareidis) on Chuf Gimel Cheshvon Tuf Shin Mem Gimmel, and was signed by the Posek Hador, the Minchas Yitzchok ZATZAL, Reb M. A. Freund ZATZAL, and Reb Y. M. Dushinsky ZATZAL.


Rabbi Ahron Teitelbaum Shlita, Av Bais Din Nirbater.”

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