Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Jew Chaser

Here is a truly fascinating article about Alexander Fried, 81 who managed to escape the Nazi's in Prague by fleeing to Vienna then Belgium and eventually to Canada. He describes himself as a "cultural Zionist" and nothing gives him greater pleasure then educating the ignorant Jew about his heritage. Dispelling the myths and telling them how it once was, the secrets of the past. He goes up against Holocaust deniers unveiling the true terror of what took place with a story he has lived.

The theme of assimilation is a constant refrain during the discussion. A specialist in the European Reformation and Renaissance periods, Fried even has a name for assimilating Jews who intermarry and want nothing to do with their traditional identity, shirking more than five and a half millennia of collective past. He calls them EJIs — Embarrassed Jewish Individuals.

"I keep telling these EJIs during my speeches around the world, especially in Israel, that history is by no means a rational process. That which went before can certainly happen again," he says, emphatically. "People thought the Crusades were the worst thing, then the Inquisition came. Then we thought the Great War was the worst thing to happen to mankind. ... And then 20 years later we had the Holocaust and the near-genocide of an entire race. History is by no means linear, and it's certainly not logical."

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