Saturday, November 04, 2006

JCC is Open on Shabbos..

The JCC of greater Boston is now open for business on Shabbos. The fact that this has made news is very interesting.

The article points out:

No administrative work will be done and no money exchanged Saturday mornings. These are two of the most basic tenants of Sabbath observance.

But Rabbi Gershon Gewirtz of Young Israel in Brookline says that's not enough and the new hours still violate the rules of Sabbath.

A recent J-C-C survey finds over the past four years, the number of centers that are open on Saturdays has grown from ten-to-23 percent.

I hate reading about the decline in Torah values.

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Maxiebaby & Wife said...

I love these people. Exchanging money is not an issur d'oraisa... hardly the most basic "tenant" of Sabbath observance.